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Located in San José del Cabo and inspired by the deserts and beaches of the peninsula, our showroom offers our users a gallery experience where each piece of art, design and furniture seeks to connect with our visitors. MAR_CO_MAR_TIN brings together a selection of objects that we love, materializes our philosophy of  rockstar experience  and allows our customers to be participants.


We collaborate with some of the most exclusive and authentic Mexican and international brands such as SONOS, Paco Padilla, Balmaceda, Mono, Ananas and more,  to create a curated selection of art and objects for our clients.


Interior design and architecture studio made up of a multidisciplinary team led by Marco Martin. It has projects in various parts of the country, mainly within the hotel industry.

Since 2011, we are a multidisciplinary interior design firm specialized in creating experiences through architecture and design. In each project we aim to create personalized spaces based on our vision and experience, reflecting the client's personality so that the result is an extension of those who inhabit it. We do not seek to replicate ideas, but to create new ones using various aspects such as architecture, furniture design, art, graphics, among other elements.


Mark Martin, CEO

Marco Martín, Architect and interior designer from Jalisco. My interest in these topics arose from observation and curiosity, as well as the search for new spaces, places and cultures.


"For me, architecture and interior design are like a poem in which, through architectural and design elements, those who occupy a space can be provoked to explore and inhabit it in other ways."

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